Dear CUCKOO Singapore Customers

In response to negative allegations made in a recent article article (1) by a Korean publication, we would like to take this opportunity to address the allegations in order to clear the confusion it may have created among some of our CUCKOO users.

The article covers two unrelated issues, air purifiers containing the antibacterial substance OIT (2) and exaggerated advertising of products.

In relation to the air purifier filters that contain OIT, the Ministry of Environment in Korea has conducted a risk assessment of OIT in air purifier filters and determined that this antibacterial component may pose a health risk. In the interest of public health, it has requested that manufacturers of air purifier filters with OIT recall these products, a decision affecting the majority of air purifier manufacturers. (3)

The possibility to be harmful to human health is low. (4) However, in order to alleviate any potential concerns of our customers in Singapore, we have decided to replace all filters with non-OIT filters, free of charge, with immediate effect. At CUCKOO, the health and safety of our customers are our top priority and we are committed to ensuring our customers enjoy our high-quality products with peace of mind.

The second allegation made in the article relates to how our water purifiers were advertised on home shopping channels in Korea. In reference to the statement “…The purifier is also promoted on the claim that its filtered water is effective in skin care and curing damaged skin”, these exaggerated expressions used during broadcasting prompted the Korea Communications Commission to take disciplinary action against the Home Shopping channel, not against CUCKOO. (5) In compliance with regulations, we had submitted all relevant evidence to the Korea Communications Standard Commission prior to the broadcast and only proceeded with the broadcast upon approval.

All claims made by CUCKOO about our products are verifiable and in compliance with regulations. With regards to the filter function of CUCKOO water purifiers, minerals such as calcium, magnesium etc. are identified by independent lab tests. (6) Our air purifiers are manufactured in compliance with the Ministry of Environment.

True to our promise of going ‘beyond standards’ in all that we do and in pursuit of our mission to push the boundaries and improve the quality of life of our customers, we are always striving to supply safer and better products and are committed to providing the most accurate information to our customers who have the right to know.

20 July, 2016
CEO of CUCKOO Electronics Co., Ltd.