Frequently Asked Questions

CUCKOO Products

At CUCKOO, we offer a diverse range of Healthy Appliances and Living products to help create Healthier Homes. Our vibrant range of products includes:

  1. Water Purifiers
  2. Multi-Cookers
  3. Air Purifiers
  4. Kitchenwares and Others

All CUCKOO Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Multi-Cookers and Kitchenwares sold in Singapore are manufactured and imported from Korea.

All CUCKOO products have been tested and certified safe under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR) and other relevant accreditation from the authorities. On top of that, CUCKOO Water Purifiers are also HALAL-certified.

Yes, all CUCKOO products are covered with a minimum of 1-year local warranty. In general, as long as you are still paying for your product’s Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) or Natural Care Package (NCP) annually, your product will be protected under our warranty.

If you have any doubts, you are advised to check the actual warranty terms which vary from product to product with our CUCKOO Natural Executives (Sales Representatives) or through our Careline.

CUCKOO products purchased outside of Singapore and not sold in Singapore are unable to service as we do not carry the internal parts of the respective product.

For any further clarification or assistance, please contact our Careline.

CUCKOO Water Purifiers

CUCKOO’s Water Purifiers supply mild alkaline* drinking water filled with good minerals and free of heavy metals. On top of that, our filtration system is also capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses too!

*The alkalinity of the water may vary depending on the PUB’s water supply/composition of water.

CUCKOO’s purified water is:

  1. Rich in good minerals
  2. Free of heavy metals
  3. Mild alkaline*
  4. Clean with up to 99.99% harmful bacteria and viruses eliminated

RO Water is:

  1. Clean but contains no minerals
  2. Has water wastage

*The alkalinity of the water may vary depending on the area’s water supply / composition of water.

Don’t worry if your room temperature water turns slightly warm after you’ve turned off your CUCKOO Water Purifier’s cold water switch. This is because CUCKOO Water Purifiers’ antibacterial water tank is made of stainless-steel, in which the heat from the hot water tank might transfer to the cold water tank when the water is not cooled / cold water switch is turned off.

CUCKOO water filters have the capacity to filter up to 0.001 microns with our Nano Positive filter in our 6-Stage Filtration System.

Yes, provided the respective water purifier model is also currently selling in Singapore and cleared the authentication of the product purchased. Local account activation and registration are required then we shall be able to render the installation and service maintenance in Singapore.

Please contact our Careline for further assistance and clarification.

At CUCKOO, the water filters replacement are only strictly available through the annual subscription to our Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) or Natural Care Package (NCP). CUCKOO does not distribute the water filters to any third parties and does not sell them online or on other E-Commerce platforms.

As we combat against fake filters, you may forward the information and contact us for further clarification and assistance.

CUCKOO Multi-Cookers

GABA rice is made by germinating brown rice to sprout its 0.5-1mm-length cereal germ, fully activating the rice’s innate nutrition and making it fluffier, tastier and easier to digest. With CUCKOO, preparing GABA rice is a lot smoother and quicker at 2,4 and 6 hours preset at your preference.

The cooked rice can be light yellow at the bottom of the pot is known as the melanoizing effect, because this product is designed to improve pleasant flavour and taste. Especially, melanoizing is more serious at “Preset cooking” than just “Cooking”. It does not mean malfunction.

We highly recommend that you use the type of scrubber which are cotton scrubber, sponge scrubber, extra-fine type or net scrubber to clean the inner pot (inside and outside). Using a scrub which are abrasive type, metallic scrubber and stainless steel scrubber may cause the inner pot coating to wear away and you will require to replace the inner pot.

It varies depending on the user’s usage habits. For a standard Korean family, they can use the product for around 10 years taking into consideration they use it once a day.

It varies depending on the user’s usage habit. For a standard usage with consistent care of the inner pot, the non-stick coating may last up to 3 years.

CUCKOO True Rental Plan

Check out the list of Beyond Standards Healthy Appliances you can own affordably through our CUCKOO True Rental Plan here at

Once your product’s contract has matured or ends with no outstanding payment, the product will belong to you. From then, you may subscribe to our Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) annually which includes periodic service, filter replacement (subjected to the type of product), and product warranty.

This NCSP will usually be offered and recommended to you by our CUCKOO Natural Doctress (service specialist) before your contract ends. Alternatively, you may also drop an email to for further assistance.

Before Installation:

Reach out to the CUCKOO Natural Executive (sales representative) who is in charge of your sales order for further assistance.

After Installation:

There will be a termination fee if you intend to terminate the rental contract within the rental obligation period. The rental termination fee is calculated based on the balance months’ rental fees plus outstanding fees (if any) according to your rental contract. To avoid paying the termination fee, you could opt to transfer the product ownership (be it to family members or friends) to continue the contract. (Note: The product ownership transfer is subject to terms and conditions)

Order Details / Status

To update your address / contact details, you may contact our Careline or drop us an email at for further assistance.

Once you have purchased a product, you will receive an order status update from your email. If you didn’t receive, you may contact our Careline for further assistance.

Product Installation / Delivery

Our Careline team will be in touch to arrange for product delivery and installation once you have successfully purchased the product.

All CUCKOO Water Purifiers, Multi-Cookers and Air Purifiers comes with a free basic installation and/or delivery & may subject to additional charges depending on your installation requirements.

CUCKOO Natural Care Service (Maintenance / Periodic Service)

Our CUCKOO Natural Care Service (periodic service) period varies according to the type of water purifier product and your contract terms. In general, CUCKOO Water Purifier products with an active Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) are once every four months.

Once your product’s contract has matured or the service package ends, our system prompts you a reminder via email and SMS of your Natural Care Service Package (NCSP) which includes periodic service, filter replacement (subject to the type of product), and product warranty. Alternatively, you may contact our Careline or drop an email to for further assistance.

Other Enquiries

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